E. Merck and cocaine. On Sigmund Freud's cocaine studies and their relation to the Darmstadt industry
[Article in German]
Hirschmuller A
Institut fur Geschichte der Medizin, Tubingen.
Gesnerus 1995; 52(1-2):116-32


Documents from the archives of the pharmaceutical company, E. Merck, Darmstadt, shed light on research, production, and marketing of cocaine and other coca alkaloids. When cocaine proved to be a local anaesthetic in 1884 the market expanded enormously. The production of E. Merck is compared with that of other companies in Germany and abroad. Freud, who published on cocaine from 1884 to 1887, was in contact with E. Merck and performed clinical studies for them as well as for an American company.

Coca cola
Dopaminergic agents
Coca leaves/cocaine
The coke-craving brain
Cocaine in North America

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